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Caltech news interview (2016) re The Linde Institute 

Interview u Nacional-u (2008),      Interview u Business.Hr (2007)       

Interview u Slobodnoj Dalmaciji (2002)

In Memoriam: Antun (Tonko) Cvitanic, May 16, 1920 – Sept 22, 2010: 
– 1. Napisano od mene 
– 2. Napisano od D. Rudolfa u Slobodnoj Dalmaciji 
– 3. Napisano  u UNIVERITAS u Slobodnoj Dalmaciji 

English translation of  In Memoriam 1. that I wrote:

My father. A good man. Before everything, a good man. Yes, of course, an excellent scientist, professor, husband, father, grandfather, . . .. but, above all, a good man. Unassertive, modest, self-effacing, despite his superior intellect and hard work. Truly uninterested in whether they will ever elect him as a member of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences (and they never did), or to give him the Croatian lifetime achievement award (and they did, in 2003). Not taken by ideologies of any orientation. Croat in heart, but never looking down on other nationalities. He fought with the partisans, but never a member of the communist party. Proud of the fact that, for  years, he was the only professor at the University of Split Law School who was not a member of the communist party. Teased by my brother and me (and we always teased him, with love), that he was able to do so not because of his principles, but because he was so nice to everyone. Born in the shadows of the first world war, spent his youth in the shadow of the second, learned to go through life cautiously, that political ambitions can be dangerous, found fulfillment devoting himself to scientific work and our family. And to daily walks on Marjan (a beautiful hill with pine and cypress trees in Split). My father’s life work, official: he translated (from Latin) and analyzed the legal municipal statutes of medieval Dalmatian cities, statutes that make up a significant part of the Croatian cultural heritage. His life’s work, unofficial: numerous students, friends, two brothers, fifty years of marriage with my mother, two children, four grandchildren, two daughters in law, . . . . and all close to each other. My father, an example to whom it was not important to be an example. Angry if you would praise him in front of others. Well, dad, get angry, but I have to shout to everyone who is willing to listen: here is to your life, not exceptional in terms of fame, money or high status, but exceptional in its self-effacing, yet so positive contributions! Here is to you, Dad.