Songs and singing

Sunshine All Over The Place –  a happy love song, with the melody in the spirit of “LaBamba”.

OMG (My Kids Are My Best Friends) A song written in the 1-2 1-2 1-2-3 rhythm of Balkan folk songs. Inspired by  Instagram birthday wishes from my kids. Here is the lyrics file. Here is the MP3 file.

Just Shooting The Breeze –  a simple rock song in honor of  people I hang with. The lyrics are below the video.

Sofia Kovaleskaya – a song I wrote in honor of one of the first famous female mathematicians, inspired by a story “Too Much Happiness” by Alice Munro. The lyrics are below the video. Here is the mp3 file.

No Longer Your Joy – Another love song, this one with a more serious mood.

F the Fear (The Rain has Stopped for You) – A song about fear.  A bit simplistic, yet, it was fun to work on.

“Financial Math is Cool” (lyrics) –  in the melody of “Katyusha”, honoring  Youri Kabanov’s work and his 70th birthday.

“Financial Math is Cool”  (Youri’s song) (video)